Bosch Solution 3000 Security System

Alarm system for a small home or business.

Supporting up to 16 fully programmable zones, the Bosch Solution 3000 alarm panel is suitable for any home, and even some commercial premises. With support for up to four keypads and the ability to be split into two separate partitions the Solution 3000 alarm panel has the flexibility of one security system that can act as two.


Bosch Solution 3000 security alarm specialBosch Solution 3000 alarm kit


Bosch Solution 3000 Security Alarm Features:

  • Stay/Away Arming Options
  • Entry and Exit Warning
  • Automatic Arming
  • Remote Arming
  • 256 Event History Memory
  • LCD Icon, LCD Aphanumeric and Touchscreen support
  • 5 Programmable Outputs
  • Back to Base Reporting
  • Supports Bosch wireless transmitters and products - keyfobs, movement detectors and reed switches.
  • Includes Bosch Blue Line Quad sealed optic motion detectors for the best protection against false alarms.
  • Added option of pet-friendly sensors that allow any pet up to 45kgs to remain in the premises while the alarm is active.

Download Bosch Solution 2000/3000 sales brochure (PDF)

Download Bosch Solution 2000/3000 data sheet (PDF)

Bosch Solution Security Specials Include:

  • This special includes cabling and sensors to 3 zones (in a single story house)
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labour (excludes batteries)
  • No long term contracts, just a fair deal
  • All Melbourne metro area
  • All cabling and labour to AS1367 Cabling Australian Standard.

This security system include:

  • Metal enclosure with tamper switch
  • 18 volt ac plug pack
  • Heavy duty 7 amp back up battery
  • Mode 3 phone socket
  • 100db internal siren (screamer)
  • Bosch Blue Line Quad Sensors - High quality passive infrared motion sensors
  • Bosch Icon Keypad
  • External siren/ strobe kit
  • External warning stickers

Optional Extras:

Please ask us about pricing for the following optional extras:

  • Pet-friendly sensors
  • Bosch 3000 7" Touch Screen Code
  • Bosch 3000 Text Keypad
  • Hand-held keyfob transmitters
  • Additional wired or wireless detectors or reed switches
  • Smoke or heat detectors
  • LED night-light PIR option


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