About Matison Security and Communications

We are based in Blackburn, Melbourne. We design and install professional security systems as well as other electronic products for both commercial and domestic clients throughout Melbourne.

We are a fully insured and licensed independent business holding corporate ASIAL membership. All our installers have individual Victorian Private Security Registration and Open Cabling Registration.

Our range of services include:

  • Intruder alarms,
  • Megapixel IP digital and traditional analog CCTV surveillance
  • Intercoms and access control
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • TV antennas, satellite and MATV systems
  • Data and phone cabling
  • Home and small business IT solutions (We are certified to supply and install Cisco Unified Communications products for small businesses)

We relentlessly strive to bring you the latest innovations in technology.

We believe an electronic security or access control system above all must be reliable and user friendly.  As false alarms are particularly annoying we spend the time to assess any causes of unwanted triggers and hard-wire our alarm systems for maximum performance.

Matison Security and Communications specialise in installing only high quality and reliable electronic security and electronic products for both commercial and residential applications.  Our High Definition IP cameras capture brilliant images while using a minimum of bandwidth and storage.

The business is a fully insured and licensed independent security provider.  Our independent nature means that we are free to choose from a range of high quality products from a range of suppliers to meet our customers' unique requirements.


Why Choose Us?

  • Above all, we think there is still a place for passionate and attentive customer service.
  • We take a good degree of pride in our work.
  • We like to future proof our systems as much as possible by using durable and well engineered, easy to use products and running spare cables at key stages of a project. Most systems should have room for expansion.
  • Our monitoring centre provides A1 Grade 24/7 alarm and CCTV monitoring and vehicle tracking.
  • We choose to use products that are well resolved and perhaps even over-engineered.
  • We are immensly privileged to receive regular referrals from some of our valued suppliers and appreciate the way their reps extend themselves for us.
  • As a small business we don't have large expensive overheads so our pricing can be extremely competitive.



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