Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

At Matison Security, our mission is to serve.

Our Vision

To become an industry leader by:

  • Listening closely to our clients' requests.
  • Striving for quality in all we do.
  • Keeping up with the latest innovations and technology.

Our Values

We value honesty in our dealings with clients and suppliers

We use products that we believe are the best on the market

  • We look for products that provide quality, a long warranty and service life.
  • We choose to use products with as much local content as possible
  • By choosing products that are easy to use and have remote access capability we reduce need to drive to sites for servicing- saving money, time and energy.
  • We like to future proof our systems as much as possible by using durable and well engineered, easy to use products and running spare cables at key stages of a project.

We treat the customer's security as our paramount concern

  • Many of our competitors use fully wireless systems to save labour costs. We prefer to install hardwired systems wherever possible. We believe they are more reliable providing better immunity against false alarms, jamming and interference. A hard-wired system is cheaper to maintain, not requiring expensive lithium batteries
  • We treat customers' details and codes with utmost confidentiality
  • We install our security panels in less obvious places to reduce the risk of sabotage.
  • We aim to respond quickly to our customers' requests.

We aim to provide value for money

  • We aim to offer a range of solutions to meet varying budgets, at competitive pricing, without compromising quality and reliability.
  • We reckon you don't like long term contracts or misleading deals either so we don't offer any.

We choose to tread lightly on the environment by:

  • Driving low emission direct injection vehicles.
  • Having a well insulated, low emission office.
  • We use highly efficient T5 lighting in our office
  • Using an Australian made Ness M1 panel to automatically cut power to devices not in use and for controlling lighting, heating and access.
  • Adjusting the backlight on all our monitors to dramatically reduce power usage.
  • Installing a Kyocera PV Solar resource on our office roof.

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