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We highly regard the Bosch Solution Series of Alarm Panels for their quality, ease of use and reliability.  We have certified factory training in the installation of these products.

We are currently recommending the Bosch Solution 6000 as the preferred security system, but offer installation and servicing on a range of Bosch security panels:

  • Bosch Solution 6000 Security System - integrated alarm and access control security system, expandable up to 144 security devices, such as motion sensors, door or window contacts, biometric fingerprint readers, and smoke detectors. Widest range of communication options.
  • Bosch Solution 3000 Security System - security system for a small to medium home or business (with wireless option)

Bosch Solution 16 Plus Alarm Panel


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We would like to thank you for the great job you did in quoting and installing the system and adding the are a real pro (in the nicest possible way!) and it seemed that nothing was too much trouble for you. The system is great and so simple even I can use it!!
Michael and Margaret


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