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GE Challenger Security System (Tecom) | Challenger Access Control, Intrusion detection and surveillance | Alarm Panels

GE Challenger Security System

Challenger Alarm Panel Kit


GE Challenger Security System (Tecom)

GE Challenger (Tecom) is a highly sophisticated integrated security platform. It is suitable organisations that require the integration of access control, surveillance, and intrusion detection.

It is used by many industries, from small businesses to corporate giants.

Challenger continues to be manufactured and supported in Australia by GE Security.


There are many variables that can be programmed into the Challenger system.

Challenger Access Control:

  • Includes intelligent lift and door controllers, integration of GE or third party readers for keypad or card entry.

Challenger Surveillance:

  • Surveillance cameras can be integrated into the system and respond to an access control event or intrustion event.
  • Video footage can be tagged.

Challenger Input and Output Expansion

  • Wireless remotes can be used to open access points, panic pendants can be incorporated into the system, and Challenger's powerful macro-logic can activate and de-activate airconditioning, lights and other functions.

Challenger Intrusion Detection

  • A range of different sensors - glass breaks, motion sensors, seismic sensors, vault sensors, and magnetic contacts - can be all programmed into the system to respond to intrusion or unauthorised access.
  • Users can be given individual user access rights.  Access cards can be programmed to both arm and disarm different areas or whole building.

Challenger System Management

  • HR/Payroll administration of an organisation can export employee attendance data from the system.
  • Visitors can be managed with re-programable temporary access cards
  • The system can be also remotely managed with PC software.

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