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Ness M1 Cross-Platform Controller

The Ness M1 Cross-Platform Controller integrates security with automation. 

We reckon the M1 is the most versatile and feature rich panel available. The M1 can be used with a huge variety of sensors - motion sensors, mechanical contacts, fluid level sensors, gas sensors, smoke detectors, temperature and light sensors, and many more.

A useful feature of the M1 is the voice module which can announce system conditions and is used in car yards to provide after -hours announements such as "This area is under video surveillance, please step away from the Ferrari."

It has the ability to monitor hundreds of zones, and integrates well with many third-party products such as CBUS and Dynalite as well as HVAC systems and audio systems.

It uses Whenever/And/Then/ rules to perform a range of different tasks- only limited by your imagination.

M1 includes a number of user inferface choices, including touch screens, laptop/pda and a choice of three keypads.  The system can also be remotely controlled from an internet interface (virtual keypad), and also from your mobile phone.

IR remote controls (air con, CD, DVD, TV, etc) can be integrated into the system.

Wireless arming/disarming, and panic functions, are available.

Access Control systems can easily be integrated with the M1 System.


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Vic Security Business Reg 893-155-40S