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Security alarms for home or business | Intruder Alarms

Security alarms for home or business


Matison Security and Communications install and service a range of alarm products to suit large and small, domestic or commercial applications.

Some of the brands we support include: Bosch Solution, Paradox Security, Hills Reliance, GE Challenger, and Ness M1.

Business or Organisations

A professionally monitored alarm system combined with an effective alarm response plan is a must for all businesses.

We are amazed at the number of calls we receive after an intrusion has taken place where no alarm system or CCTV has been installed. Intruders generally don't care how much damage occurs in their search for items of value and have all the time in the world if there is no alarm. Our clients feel the money spent on preventing and deterring intrusion gives them peace of mind, lowers their insurance premiums and saves them the enormous stress of restoring the damage and business interruption left by intruders.

We have installed professional intrusion systems for a range of businesses, including high-end retail, large churches, offices, shop fronts, and factories.

We've worked alongside architects, builders, electricians, as well as bringing in our own consultants on large renovation and construction projects.


We install a range of systems for residential customers. Whether you require a simple two detector system for a small unit or home or require a comprehensive system with access control and automation, we can provide a solution to suit your unique requirements.

Popular options for our domestic alarm systems are:

  • Door reed switches - Can trigger an alarm while intruders are still outside. They can accurately trigger the keypad entry warning timer. Door reeds back up a movement sensor to confirm an intrusion and can be armed seperately at night. Many companies don't mention reeds as they can be tricky to install.
  • Window reed switches - Detect intrusion through a window and can be armed at night. We use supervised wireless reeds where wiring is truly impossible.
  • Wireless Keyfobs - Can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system and even open the garage door.
  • Proximity Fobs - We can supply keypads with inbuilt proximity readers so users don't have to remember pin codes. We can install systems that can provide automation tasks such as opening a door using these fobs.
  • Smoke or Heat Detectors - Our monitoring centre can notify you and/or call the fire brigade. Heat detectors are installed in kitchens where smoke alarms will potentially trigger accidentally.
  • Medical alarm pendants or buttons - Monitoring can alert your relatives and/or send an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency.
  • We aim to provide great value and decent service so call us for a free assessment.

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