Servicing your alarm system


Service Call

Our service call flat rate for Melbourne metro is only $150 including gst.  This includes the first half-hour onsite. Each half-hour thereafter is $50.

We regularly receive calls from people who just need a hand programming their alarm panel or are unsure how to fit additional parts. We enjoy helping them get these things right.

According to Australian Standards, alarm systems should be serviced every two years (in some cases every year).

Reasons to contact us to service or upgrade your alarm system.

Is your alarm constantly going off for no good reason? We can assess your system and to detect any reason for false triggers. In most cases, it will be quick and relatively easy to detect the issue.

Could an intruder disconnect your system before the alarm triggers? We are constantly amazed, when called out for to service an existing system, at the number of times we discover that the original installer had not changed the default installer codes or has placed the panel in a predictable, easy to access location, making it susceptible to tampering.

Do you feel that you are paying too much for alarm monitoring? Contact us for a competitive quote for alarm monitoring with our preferred A1 Grade Monitoring centres.  We don't like to lock our customers into long-term contracts.   We can also ensure that your monitoring connection is compliant with the NBN. Read more

Is your alarm difficult to use or seems out-of-date? We know of people who don't use their alarm systems because they haven't a clue what it's doing. We are able to quote on an upgrade and may even be able to use many of your existing alarm components to minimise changeover costs. You'll be amazed at the features newer alarm systems - eg perimeter arming (great option at night with inside unarmed and outside areas armed), mobile apps for remote control, wireless keyfobs, even cameras integrated into alarm systems, and sms and email reporting.

Sick of locking your pet away before you put the alarm on? We can install pet-friendly detectors that allow pets up to 45kg to remain in your home without triggering the alarm.

Want to extend the system to a shed or another part of your home or business? We may be able to expand your exisiting system to include other areas. We can program garage doors too.


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